Bat f

CQC: 1 Spells: 4 Defense: 4 Support: 1

Homing Bats

Bat sends out a flock of homing bats after his enemies, they deal a small amount of damage and heal him for three times the damage dealt. 

Damage: 5 per Bat Healing: 300% of damage Cost: 30HP

Shadow Fist

Bat enhances himself with blood magic and strikes forward, dealing massive damage to enemies in his path.

Damage: 160 Healing: N/A Cost: 150HP

Draining Bat

Bat summons a leeching bat on a nearby enemy, draining their health over time. The healing is equal to three times the damage.

Damage: 100 Over 10 Seconds Healing: 300% of damage dealt Cost: 100MP

Vicious Blood Bomb

Bat uses powerful blood magic to deal extreme damage to nearby enemies.

Damage: 310 Healing: N/A Cost: 300HP

Bat is a multi target vampiric mage, his abilities allow him to damage many targets in order to maximize his healing. His Homing Bats follow enemies and provide great healing when multiple enemies are around, while his drain can lock down a target. His healing and target manipulation allow him to stay healthy into the later stages of a battle, allowing him to use his Shadow Fist and Vicious Blood Bomb as finishing moves. Bat has synergy with a powerful healer or close quarters allies, in order to give him free space to deal damage from.

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