John f

CQC: 1 Spells: 4 Defense: 3 Support: 2

Essence Orb

John creates an orb of magic, which heals a friendly unit that walks through it over a short duration and damages enemies who walk throguh it.

Damage: 150 Healing: 50 Cost: 50MP

Essence Absorb

John absorbs magic to heal himself over a short duration.

Damage: N/A Healing: 150 Cost: 250MP

Essence Shield

John creates a magic shield, which blocks incoming attacks and deals damage to enemies who come in contact with it.

Damage: 120 Healing: N/A Cost: 100MP

Essence Disk

John fires off a disk of magic, which tracks enemies, after some time, it explodes, stunning nearby enemies and dealing damage.

Damage: 80 Healing: N/A Cost: 100MP

John is a support mage who specializes in healing. John's abilities benefit his allies by preventing fatality in many ways. Essence Orb is used to provide healing to allies, it can also be bait to enemies. Essence Absorb keeps John healthy through a battle by giving him a good heal, allowing him to continue aid. Essence Shield blocks most high damage abilities and can be used to stall a battle. Essence Disk provides an aoe stun, which can setup many plays or even turn a losing battle around. John has synergy with high risk damage dealers, effectively removing the high risk.

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